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We offer a complete web design solution. I can purchase your domain name, organise the hosting, design the site, and once it is up, optimise it for search engines. All of the services above are available. As well as buying the domain name and designing the site, I can also update your site on a regular basis. Below left is menu of our services, just click on the option you are interested in. And lets see how Little Website Shop can get your name noticed on the world wide web.
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    or wish to buy your own - that's fine. We can just get on and design the site for you and use your existing domain name. In this case you may be interested to have a look at the indiviidual website prices page to check out the possibilities. Any questions, just give me a ring, my job is to give you a great looking website at an even better looking price :)
    Domain Names
    We can supply you with any domain name that is available. Typically a domain name costs £6 for the first two years. A .com domain name will typically cost £20 for the first two years. If you are a small business, then we can purchase the name for you, As well help advise you on the best choice of name for attracting customers.
    If you already have a domain name,
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    to your requirements and budget. Please have a look at our website design prices for more information. At little web shop we concentrate on simple quick loading sites. The goal is to get them high in the listings and give you a new source of income…
    Website Design
    I have a range of packages from very simple sites of one or two pages, to larger more complex sites, So whether you run a small business a large concern, or perhaps you just want a personal site, then Little Website Shop will have a package individually tailored
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    We also have an unlimited package for £150 for the first year, or £250 for two years. I would be very happy to outline all the different possibilities, for most basic websites, and find the one that best suits you. In many cases the £40 web hosting is the perfect solution. Please feel free to give me a call or drop me a line.
    Web Hosting
    We can also host your website for you, we offer a range of packages depending on the size and nature of the website. Our basic package starts at £40 per year. This allows 1000MB disk space and 1000MB of data transfer per month. Our Dynamic package allows 2000MB of disk space, and 2000 MB a month data transfer, and is £50 for the first year.
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    Little Website Shop offers a free monthly update to any of our customers who have their domain name and hosting with us. More frequent updates can also be done, and charged at an agreed rate.
    Site Updating
    Sooner or later your website will need updating, whether it be just a phone number and an address that needs changing, or perhaps something more extensive.
    There are two basic options, either you buy a package that allows you to update your site yourself, or we do it for you.
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    websites, utilising the right keywords for their market niche This in turn has meant that our business has grown along with our clients.
    If you can’t get yourself into the first few pages of google listings then many people will not find you. For websites I have designed, I offer a complete Search Engine Optimising service. I will work through your site from the ground up, making sure it is honed to perfection for search engine optimisation. Charges for this will vary depending on the size of the site and the level of optimisation required, please contact Little Website Shop for more details
    Search Engine Optimisation
    The internet is now where people do the searching. A Website these days is the single most important and popular form of advertising, and with a well placed website, you can compete on equal terms with the biggest companies. Not only can I create a great looking site for you, but I can help you let the world know about it.
    On average, 55% of a website’s traffic comes from search engines, and 62% of users click on first page results. That’s why at Little Website Shop, we think it's so important to invest in Search Engine Optimisation.
    Our expertise in this area has helped our clients build and keep high ranking
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    Little Website Shop can design eye-catching graphics for you that will leap out of the page and draw the eye of any new clients, which will lead to sales and profits for you.
    Banner adverts are, from just £25 each. Please see our website design packages and prices page for more information.
    Contact us for more information about our banner advert design services.
    Banner Ads
    If you want to advertise your website, product or service on another company’s website, then you will have to be able to supply a banner advert to the advertising company, so that they they can put it on their website. It should ideally feature your company logo and any text that you want featured. This can, if properly designed, draw more visitors to your site than practically any other method of advertising.

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